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Copper Plated 4 Cigar Ashtray
Copper Plated 4 Cigar Ashtray
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There are certain things in life that we love to do'so much that we create a ceremony around doing them! Enjoying a fine cigar has to be one of those things! We find the brands that we love, and we invest in a humidor to keep them in the right environment for the best smoking experience. For decades, sharing an after-dinner cigar and a brandy with friends has been a favorite ritual in homes, cigar bars, and gentlemen's clubs around the world! Here's a gift item for the cigar aficionado in your life that adds to that experience! It's a copper-plated cigar ashtray, with stirrups to rest four cigars. It has a wide top opening and a deep bottom for style and stability, and will be perfect for the coffee table, poker table, or home entertainment bar! The copper ashtray is 8'x6', and adds a warm, brandy-toned ambiance to your favorite cigar-smoking space. We will package it in an attractive gift box that's ready for the perfect occasion, and we'll send it right out, along with our Satisfaction and Performance Guarantee!
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