Accessibility Policy

At, our commitment extends to making our website accessible to everyone, ensuring a digital environment that includes all users.

Commitment to Accessibility

Our dedication lies in providing an accessible online space for people with disabilities. We are consistently enhancing accessibility and eliminating obstacles to a better user experience.

Standards and Guidelines

We aim for our website to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 or 2.2, following recommended practices to improve web accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Accessibility Features

We've implemented several features to improve accessibility on our site, such as text alternatives for images and support for keyboard navigation. We are periodically reviewing our site and add more accessibility features as we discover the need.

Testing and Evaluation

Through a blend of automated tools, hands-on testing, and input from our users, we regularly assess our website to identify and rectify any accessibility challenges.

Areas for Improvement

Despite our efforts in promoting accessibility, we recognize that certain aspects of our site may still pose challenges. We are diligently working towards resolving these limitations.

Presently, we're aware of the following sections that might not fully align with accessibility standards:

  • Some third-party integrations we use in our site may lack necessary field attributes, and these are beyond our control.
  • Certain form elements on our website are unlabeled due to design choices. To assist screen readers, we've added title tags to these elements.

Contact Information

Should you come across any barriers to accessibility on our website or have inquiries, you can reach out to us here.

Feedback Mechanism

Your feedback is invaluable to us in making our website more accessible. Should you have any suggestions or encounter issues, we encourage you to contact us using the provided information.

Date of Last Update

The last update to this Accessibility Statement was made on May 13, 2024.