Executive Gift Shoppe carries a unique, stylish selection of shoehorns for sale. They come in a variety of styles, themes and shapes. We carry long handled shoe horns that are perfect for those with a bad back. You can easily use one to slide your foot into your shoe while sitting without straining your back in any way. Shoe horns lengths vary from 22 inches long to 29 inches long.

We carry a wide array of different themes too. Our most popular styles are the golf ball and the golf driver shoe horns. You'll be the talk of the clubhouse when you pull one of these out of your golf bag. We also carry dog themes, like a black labrador retriever and duck themes for all you animal lovers. We also have a shoehorn with a handgun handle and a classic teak band brass shoehorn too.

One question we get a lot is, why is it called a shoehorn. Its because they were originally made from animal horns, bull horns in particular.