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For the sake of both organization and efficiency, a dresser or nightstand men’s valet is practical and elegant, and for the sake of keeping your spouse or partner happy, it’s an absolute necessity! It’s easy to empty the pockets at night, leaving loose change or car keys where they could easily scratch your furniture and, by the time your pen, watch, glasses and cell phone join in, you’ve created quite a mess! At the Executive Gift Shoppe, we have the perfect solution for you!

Choose any design from our variety of valet trays, accessory boxes and watch boxes. It will be made from the highest quality leather or hardwoods and scratch protecting lining materials! There are glass-topped boxes for your favorite collection of stylish and valuable watches, holding anywhere from four to twenty watches, with cushioned velour protective sections. The accessory boxes have sectioned compartments for watch, cell phone, pens, coins, glasses…a place for everything, and everything in its place! Many styles can be laser-engraved with 3 initials, for an added elegant touch.

You are our valued customer, and we want to help you find products that make your life easier and more enjoyable…in style! Everything that we sell comes with our lifetime 100% satisfaction and performance guarantee, so if you’re satisfied at any time, we will replace your item for free! We will even ship all orders totaling over $25.00 for free, so our already affordable valets offer even more savings to you! A valet makes a wonderful gift for graduation, birthday, holiday, or Father’s Day too! All valets come in an attractive gift box that keeps it secure and ready for giving to your favorite guy. Even though he may not realize it, he’s going to love staying organized, and the fact that getting ready for work in the morning is a breeze when you have a valet!