Weddings of Pittsburgh

Now that you've purchased all of the gifts you wanted to buy for your bridesmaids, you may need to hire a wedding planner if you haven't already done so. Today, as our special guest, we have Tonya Edinger with us from Wedding & Events of Pittsburgh, which was recently voted one of the top wedding planners in Pittsburgh. Tonya is busier than ever these days - but never too busy for a referral - so it was a real feat to book her for this interview. It's our absolute pleasure introducing you to her.

Pete: What sets Wedding & Events of Pittsburgh apart from other wedding planners in Pittsburgh?

Tonya: Anyone can be a planner, I am a concierge planner, I take time caretaking - getting to know what my clients want, then I go procure it. I also, eliminate unnecessary choices, I bring my clients vendors that fit and give them 2 or 3 choices that meet their criteria.

Pete: Could you explain to our readers why your Cinderella package is so popular with your clients?

Tonya: The Cinderella Package is the most popular because it is all inclusive, you do not have to think about what comes next. I am an expert and I tell you what comes next and keep you on task.

Planning a wedding or event in the Pittsburgh area? Contact Tonya today at

Pete: Why are you successful in a niche where many others have failed?

Tonya: Failure is not an option and I LOVE my job, I was born for it and I would wither up if I couldn't plan it is my passion and in my soul!

Pete: What do you think can’t be replicated (quickly) about what you do for your clients?

Tonya: The care, love, passion, and commitment I give each client because I want to be there for them for life not just their wedding. Many of my clients are repeat customers because they know they can trust me to handle all aspects of any event.

Pete: If you could go back, what would you change about how you did things?

Tonya: Spend less money advertising and invest in people. A lot of my referrals come from friends, past clients, and business partners.

Pete: What do you think your unique skillset or superpower is that has helped you become successful?

Tonya: Passion and Love - this is not just a job for me, it is my life's calling - what I was put here to do.

Pete: What's the best way for people interested in your service to get in touch with you?

Tonya: or text me to set up a complimentary call 724-968-7135. I am excited to hear all about your wedding!!