Voulez Events

Now that you got your shopping taken care of for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you may want to start looking in to hiring an event and wedding coordinator. The other day, our CEO, Pete Ekizian spent some time talking to Ivy G., who founded Voulez Events, which is a San Francisco wedding planner. We hope you find her as delightful as her we and her clients all do.

Pete: What sets Voulez Events apart from other wedding planners in San Francisco? Why are you so successful in a niche where many others have failed or not yet explored?

Ivy: I am responsible for bringing the Cannabis Wedding Expo (CWE) to California for the first time in April 2017. Now, as the San Francisco CWE Coordinator, I bridge the gap between the cannabis and event industries to ensure vendors and clients understand how cannabis can play a part in the favors, flowers, cake, catering, décor, attire, accessories, ceremony, reception, or any other aspect of a wedding. For example, a bridal bouquet with cannabis buds draping from the flowers like grapes from a vine, or a gown made of hemp, or vintage flower vases remodeled into bongs used as centerpieces, or any food that has a hint of cannabis flavor but prepared in a way that only adds flavor without the high (or with a buzz, if preferred).

A cannabis wedding uniquely incorporates cannabis into the wedding and/or reception in a classy way.

My goal is to help vendors and venues stay informed about what's possible for cannabis events all while legislation is changing county by county in the state of California. My goal is to help the supply connect with the inevitable demand.

Planning a wedding or event in the San Francisco area? Contact Ivy today at ivy@voulez-events.com.

Pete: What do you think can’t be replicated (quickly) about what you do for your clients?

Ivy: Cannabis wedding planning webinars I will offer through my website in the next few months.

Pete: If you could go back, what would you change about how you did things?

Ivy: I would change how early I began putting together this webinar series so that it could’ve launched as early as New Year’s Day, when new legislation for recreational cannabis went into effect.

Pete: What do you think your unique skillset or superpower is that has helped you become successful?

Ivy: My self-starter nature, can-do attitude and my passion for connecting people with the resources that can help them succeed personally and professionally. I frequently attend networking events across various industries, including government and City Hall hearings, to learn and meet as many people as possible. You never know when or if it can come in handy to know someone (or someone who might know someone) who can help you in your life’s journey.

Meeting wedding vendors and venue managers, in Italy years ago, and Greece last year are past actions that could make a lot of new things possible in the future for Voulez (and leisure travels for me, personally).

Pete: What's the best way for people interested in your service to get in touch with you?

Ivy: Email at ivy@voulez-events.com or the voulez-events.com message form at the bottom of the web page.