Give Your Teacher Extra Credit this Year with the Perfect Teacher's Day Gift

When it comes to giving affordable teachers day gifts, we usually find it quite easy to brainstorm for female teachers. But what about the males? With a good number of male instructors in schools today, it is important not to mention very much appreciated by them to give a small token that appeals. It doesn’t necessarily have to break the budget either. There are plenty of gift ideas that provide both value and enjoyment, at relatively low prices. Our useful guide offers some fun and useful teacher appreciation day gift ideas for male teachers.

Coffee Accessories

Most teachers definitely need a jolt of coffee in the morning to help them keep up with a class full of hyper students! A good idea is to choose from a selection of mugs or even travel coffee flasks. If they are a sports fan, you might choose one with their favorite sports team logo emblazoned on the mug. Alternatively, having mugs engraved with the teacher’s name are a wonderful choice for inexpensive but thoughtful teacher appreciation day gifts that they can use everyday. If you wish, you might also include a small pack of freshly ground gourmet coffee beans. If the teacher drinks tea instead, pick a sampler tea pack or look for loose tea leaves to include with the mug.

Desk Accessories

Teachers spend plenty of time at their desks, grading homework and exams, and tallying student grades. Why not make their work a little more enjoyable? One of the best teacher appreciation day gift ideas at a relatively cheap price is desk accessories. It can be something as simple as book-ends to keep their stacks of books together, a customized name plate, a fancy clock, or even memo pad holders. For male teachers, look for desk accessories that make use of natural materials such as richly colored wood, or leather, with metallic embellishments. The teacher will appreciate the elegance of these thoughtful teachers day gifts, as well as their utilitarian value. A slightly different variation is to give an organizer set. These usually include items such as day planners and notepads.

Personalized Writing Sets

A pen is likely the single most highly used piece of stationery that teachers need. However, most teachers typically resort to using cheaper, disposable pens. When shopping for discount teacher appreciation day gift ideas, try to find a classy writing set. Although it might seem like a small gift, it helps to make the everyday task of writing so much more enjoyable. Fountain pens are especially wonderful to use. Even though they are very affordable , many people still regard them as a luxury item. Engraving a pen with the recipient’s name adds an extra special personal touch. Instead of a single pen, another idea for teachers day gifts is to give a full writing set that might include several pens, or pens and pencils that are plated in decorative metal or wood.

Sports Memorabilia

Sports is popular with many men, including male teachers! If you are looking to buy some fun teacher appreciation day gifts at sale prices, consider sports memorabilia. It can be something as simple as a baseball cap, posters, or T-shirts of the teacher’s favorite sports team. A more hands-on idea is to make a collage of their favorite team from photos and postcards of the different players. If the teacher is especially active in sports, think about finding a small piece of sports equipment, such as golf tees or a puck. A miniature piece of equipment on a keychain is another fun way to present a sports-related gift without blowing your budget. Gym teachers in particular may love sports gifts, since it not only appeals to their interests, but also to the classes they teach.

Themed Gift Ideas

If you’re not quite sure what to get, try to think of something that is related to the subject that the teacher teaches, or a field that they are very interested in. Most schools have some form of dress code for students as well as teachers. If male teachers are required to dress slightly formally, a neat idea for teacher appreciation day gifts could be a tie or a related tie accessory that is printed with a theme design. In the case of teachers who are into IT or tech gadgetry, other gift ideas could also include a USB key in a fun design, or a mouse pad. On the other hand, a geography or history teacher might love an old vintage map.