The Definitive Guide to Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knives are a must-have item for the outdoor sportsman or anyone who wants to be prepared. The style and convenience of the Swiss Army knife has been helping people for generations. But where did it all start? Lets take a look at the Victorinox brand of Swiss Army Knives.

The History of the Victorinox Brand

Located in the town of Ibach in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland, the Victorinox company is the go-to brand for Swiss Army knives. The company was founded in 1884 by Karl Elsener and by 1891 they were delivering reliable compact knives to the Swiss army.

Victorinox is not only famous for their quality craftsmanship, but also for their simple cross in a shield emblem. In 1909 the mother of its founder died and Elsener named the company "Victoria" in her honour. But the name wouldn't stay for long. In 1921 the company introduced "inox" (the French term for stainless steel, acier inoxydable) into their products. To relate this marvel of industry into their brand the company made another change and they soon became known as the present day "Victorinox."

As the company moved forward throughout the ages, it acquired its only official competition; the Wenger Company. However, on April 26, 2005, Victorinox announced they intended to keep both brands intact. On January 30, 2013 Victorinox also announced the company plans to integrate the Wenger knife to strengthen its competitive position internationally.

Victorinox Today

The company continues to remain strong and produces upwards of 34,000 Swiss Army knives, 38,000 multi-tools, and 30,000 household, kitchen, and knives per workday. Approximately 90 percent of its production is exported to more than 100 countries.

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife has everything you could ever need. This popular gadget comes equipped with 12 functions; large blade, small blade, corkscrew, can opener, small screwdriver 3 mm (also for Phillips screws) cap lifter, screwdriver 6 mm, wire stripper, reamer, punch, key ring, tweezers and a toothpick.

Swiss Army knives are not just for the military personnel. This handy tool is cherished and widely used because of its multi-functional tools, many sizes and functional combinations.

Along with the usual compact version of the Swiss Army knife, Victorinox has also made some specialty knives;

  • NASA astronauts now have a Victorinox knife as standard equipment.
  • Victorinox knives have seen Mt. Everest and the Arctic.
  • The "Champion" - Victorinox's model knife in 1986 - is in the New York Museum of Modern Art's Permanent Design Collection.
  • There is also an active Swiss Army Knife community. This group produces new models from cannibalised parts.

The Victorinox company has continued to make innovative tools for today's busy and compact society. The slim-line SwissCard is about the size of a business card and houses things we need on a daily basis; a small pair of scissors, a short non-folding knife, a small file with a screwdriver point, a plastic toothpick, tweezers, a slim ballpoint pen, and a straight pin. This is all housed in a hard plastic case with an inch ruler on one side and metric measurements on the other.

Not only has the Victorinox line produced the best army knives on the market, they have also ventured into other arenas. Victorinox now produces quality items in;

  • kitchen cutlery
  • the bayonet for the Swiss Stgw 90 assault rifle.
  • pocket and wristwatches
  • branded travel gear and business accessories under the TRG Group.
  • LED flashlights.

Gift Guide

When shopping for a Swiss Army Knife, or any item from the Victorinox company, you know you will be getting quality that will last for years. However, you'll still want to take in account the needs and style of the person you are purchasing it for.

Most people would love the compact and convenience of having the Swiss Card. This multi-tool fits in a purse or glove compartment of a car and is ready for small tasks on the road or wherever you travel.

Other items bearing the Victorinox label are wonderful and trustworthy gifts that will be used for years to come. Their compact multi-tools have taken on the contemporary styles and designs to suit even the finickiest of tastes. They have even added a USB flash drive and a penlight to several of these compact gadgets.

As well as making technologically sound products, the Victorinox company as even climbed to the higher cliffs of perfume making. Their select scents will warm your spirit and mind as you spritz them on in the morning or carry them with you all day long in their convenient travel sizes.

No matter what the occasion the Victorinox company is the name to trust. From their classic Swiss Army Knives to perfume, watches and travel gear, the Victorinox company stands for timeless dedication, with a proven track record in quality.