The Definitive Gift Guide to Colibri Lighters

The Colibri company has a philosophy. It embodies "a pioneering innovation and playful design, a story that weaves both classical and modern values in one. Colibri belongs to both the future and the past. It is this combination that gives the brand and its products such durability and confidence." [excerpt - Colibri site].

The History of Colibri Lighters

The Colibri company is steeped in rich family heritage that dates back to the early 1900s. Founder and entrepreneur, Julius Lowenthal, started the Colibri company with a simple idea - to make the world's best semi-automatic lighter. What this young man set out to do was realized and his mechanisms of ignition and the entire design of lighters is still used today.

Julius gave way to his son Jack, who further revolutionized the lighter. His obsession and dedication to the Colibri line through the 60s and 70s saw the business become an international brand. The lighter became smaller with more complex mechanisms all under Jack's tutelage. From here Jack's son took the business from mere lighters to a full line of accessories that are still popular today.

Types of Colibri Lighters

The Colibri company not only set the standards for style, they also offer their lighters in 4 distinctive flame options;
  • Double Jet Flame; gives a larger flame with duo action flames melding into one.
  • Single Jet Flame; one flame.
  • Soft Flame; not as high of a flame, but still effective.
  • Triple Jet Flame; for bigger lighting jobs, the triple flame is all you'll ever need
  • Women's; slimmer with a soft flame.

Refilling your Colibri Lighter

As with all high quality lighters, they are meant to last for years, which means you will have to refill it with butane. Follow these simple steps to help you refill your lighter safely.

1) Before you fill the lighter you will need to adjust the flame height. The adjuster mechanism is found on the bottom of the lighter. You may need a screwdriver to adjust the flame. Turn the setting clockwise to the lowest height available.

2) Check for the refill valve also on the bottom of the lighter. Hold the lighter away from your face and press down on the valve - you may need a screwdriver to press into this release valve. Once all the air is released you will no longer hear a hissing sound.

3) With the lighter upside down insert the stem of the refill container into the refill valve and press down. Hold the refill can in this position for a count of 5 seconds. Remove the stem from the refill valve. With the screwdriver, gently tap on the valve once. This will release any trapped air. Note: Be sure to wait 3 to 4 minutes before attempting to ignite the lighter. This will allow the gas to reach room temperature.

4) You will have to readjust the flame height. Do this by turning the flame adjuster on the bottom of the lighter counterclockwise. You are now ready to use your lighter.

Colibri Technology Gains New Heights

The Colibri company has taken over 100 of their styles of lighters and made them work at higher altitudes - this atmosphere creates an oxygen-weak mixture that richens the fuel flow, making the lighter more difficult to ignite.

Engineers discovered the jet flame and windproof (with re-ignition coil) lighter systems are much more sensitive to high altitude than soft flame lighter systems; jet flame and windproof burners mix the butane and the oxygen from the atmosphere before the point of ignition.

Colibri has tested all their high altitude lighters and have guaranteed they will work from 5,000 up to 12,000 feet above sea level. This is just another way the Colibri company is staying ahead of their competition.

Popular Colibri Lighters

The Colibri company has many finely detailed and contemporary lighters that are sure to suit even the finickiest of personalities. However, a few always stand out among the rest. Take the Enterprise Triple Jet Flame Lighter, this will make you look like a dashing and mysterious stranger from the future. It features a triple action flame, is wind resistant and has a single action ignition mechanism.

If you're looking for a simple, sleek design then the Flare Triple Jet Flame Lighter is sure to suit your needs. Its wind-resistant triple jet flame comes through in any conditions with the perfect light every time. Plus, it also features a translucent cap.

Ladies, the Colibri company hasn't forgotten about your lighting needs. The Ribbon Soft Flame Lighters' slim design and soft flame is as feminine and stylish as you'd want any of your accessories to be, yet it still offers all the quality and reliability you've come to expect from the Colibri company.

The styles and quality of the Colibri lighter is second to none and will meet the needs of every personality. With their rich family history and quality workmanship that goes into each lighter and design, you can't go wrong. Colibri stands behind their name and their products. Colibri, Confidence Defined since 1928.