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Christmas Gifting - DIY Crafts

Creating a gift for someone yourself provides you with a feeling of true accomplishment. You can actually see exactly what you've done and feel a sense of great pride from it. It often requires more time and effort to create a gift than to buy a gift card or merely give money. The extra effort makes the gift extra special for the recipient. It's like you are putting a piece of yourself right into the gift. There are many things you can make for Christmas which would be great gifts such as ornaments and decorations. Let the following links guide you with great ideas and directions for Christmas do-it-yourself crafts.

  • Gumdrop Wreaths and Door Hangers: A fun and edible project which is easy, looks good and is suitable for any age.
  • Walnut Brownie Mix: This is a tasty brownie mix for a gift where you layer the dry ingredients in a jar.
  • Christmas Napkin Rings: Craft foam and artificial flowers make these festive napkin rings easy to do and perfect for your own Christmas meal or to give as a gift.
  • Feather Christmas Tree: This beautiful and soft Christmas decoration or gift resembles similar items sold in stores such as Crate & Barrel.
  • Do-It-Yourself Snow Globe: These snow globes use flower aquariums for the globe and stand and look great.
  • Jingle Bell Wreath: These gorgeous wreaths are fun, festive and easy to make.
  • Santa Cookie Tray: This project would make a great gift for someone but requires a little extra time and effort to make.
  • Wood Scrap Snowmen: You can make adorable snowmen, reindeer, Santas or whatever you want using small wood scraps, sandpaper and a variety or materials.
  • Victorian Christmas Ornament: The Christmas ornament features a reprint of a nineteenth century ladies magazine.
  • Angel O'Tulle: This adorable, little, sparkled tulle-clad angel makes a great Christmas tree ornament and can be a great gift as well.
  • Shell Angel Ornament: Using a shell, a wooden ball, glitter and a few other items you can easily make a beautiful angel ornament.
  • Glittery Snow Candles: These beautiful but easy to make candles take less than one hour to create even it you've never made a candle before.
  • Simple Decoupage Frame: This simple picture frame involves finding a flat, cheap frame and and combining it with the decorative paper of your choice.
  • Layered Pillars: This gorgeous candle is easy to create and requires a mold such as an orange juice carton.
  • Snowy Tapers in a Wreath: This simple yet elegant table centerpiece involves snowy tapered candlesticks and a boxwood wreath.
  • Candy Cane Bath Salts in a Jar: This beautiful jar of layered bath salts smells of peppermint and is a perfect gift for teachers or co-workers.
  • 13 Ways to Fill Mason Jars: The crafty website gives you 13 great ideas of things to put in mason jars as gifts such as chocolate dipped pretzels or a snack mix.
  • Snowman Cookie Jar: This adorable cookie jar would make a wonderful gift but you need to purchase the unfinished cookie jar first and then decorate it.
  • Chunk Candle Gifts: Chunk candles are simple to make and fun to do.
  • Christmas Candy Topiary: This festive centerpiece involves painting and imagination.
  • Christmas Candy With Santa Claus: This beautiful arrangement uses a glass jar that you put Santa in and it even has Twix candy bars.
  • Plexiglass Craft: You use a band saw to cut a sheet of plexiglass into a Christmas scene or shape, paint the plexiglass and place a votive candle behind it for a pretty decoration.
  • Confetti Filled Ornaments: This craft is extremely simple yet creates colorful and shiny ornaments that would be great for any tree.
  • Pinecone Wreath: Create a beautiful wreath with a grapevine base, pine cones, paint, glue and glitter.
  • Snowman Soup Recipe: This hot chocolate mix is adorable for a gift and tastes good too.
  • Clay Pot Crafts: A clay pot Santa is a great gift idea for anyone and it's fun to make too.
  • Painted Glasses: You can make gorgeous holiday glasses with stencils and paint.
  • Festive Drinkware: You break a Q-tip in half and dip it in paint in order to make dots on your glassware.
  • Celtic Design Paper Craft: This fascinating project is a Celtic 12 circle design which you create with construction paper.
  • A Whimsical Wooden Santa: The wooden Santa decoration is easy to do but requires a variety of items in order to create it.
  • Charming Beaded Book Thongs: These easy to make beaded book thongs are great practical gifts.
  • Magnetic Pin Holder: The secret to this craft is gluing magnets to a ceramic dish to make a very practical gift.
  • Christmas Memory Board or Scrapbook: The key to this gift idea is filling it with pictures, cutouts and mementos.
  • Woven Paper Basket Tutorial: A woven basket makes a great gift because people always need something to put things in.
  • Decoupage Birdhouses: Decoupage birdhouses are good gifts for people who love birds and also make great outdoor decorations.
  • Christmas Ornaments From Old Necklaces: These easy but beautiful ornaments make great gifts and are mainly Styrofoam balls and old costume jewelry.
  • Colorwork Heart Hat: This project involves crocheting a hat for someone and provides you with the pattern and a material list along with some crocheting tips.
  • Glass Etching-a Planter: This tutorial on glass etching provides all the information you need to create this project which makes a beautiful gift for someone special.
  • Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree: This gorgeous Christmas decoration is easy to do and will light up your home.
  • A Mouse-Shaped Mouse Pad: Many people have at least one computer in their home and mouse pads are a fun accessory.
  • Candy Cane Votive Holders: These fun candle holders involve frost spray paint and red paint.
  • Basket of Light: A willow basket can light up a room with this project including pine cones, indoor lights and poinsettia stems among a few other items.
  • Christmas Centerpiece: Using stencils, terra cotta pots, paints, bows and a candle among a few other items you can create this beautiful centerpiece.
  • A Blue Christmas Ribbon & Snowball Wreath: This pretty wreath consists of a Styrofoam wreath and Styrofoam balls as well as different types of ribbon and paint.
  • How to Make a Mosaic: This excellent tutorial explains how to create your own mosaic design.
  • Paper Village: The website provides the patterns for this gorgeous village created with card stock and wax paper.
  • Papier Mache Bowl: This bowl involving papier mache makes a great gift for anyone.
  • Decoupage Wood Bowl: You can decoupage a wooden bowl (which you need to purchase) with any design you can find to really personalize this project.

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