Arts & Crafts Gift Projects

Any gift you make is more meaningful than the gifts they purchase in a store. When you make a gift, you spend time planning the gift, as well as constructing it. Making a gift can also be a learning opportunity; you can learn how to manipulate different art materials and use new and fun techniques. To get a few new ideas for handmade gifts, check out the resources below and make something special for a person you care about.

Easy Crafts for Kids to Make

Checkout a gathering of crafts/gifts that includes instructions on how to make a macaroni necklace, pipe cleaner butterfly, hand flowers, and many more! Many of these crafts require a child to practice using scissors, gluing, and working with unfamiliar materials. (For kids seven to ten years old with some assistance from an adult.)

Gifts with a Gardening Theme

Find craft instructions for decorating a plain pair of gardening gloves for a loved one who loves to garden. With this craft, kids learn about fabric paints and how to use stencils. (For kids ten years old and up.)

Imaginative Crafts Kids Can Do

Read the instructions on how to make a milk jug bird feeder to give to a friend or family member as a gift. The construction of this craft includes simple materials that can be found around the house. Kids can learn about the various types of seeds that birds eat when they are buying seed to fill the feeder.

A Sunflower Craft

View a simple craft with a sunflower theme that makes for a memorable gift. The craft involves a paper plate, sunflower seeds, glue, paper, and yellow paint. A kid can learn more about sunflowers while he or she creates this craft/gift. (For kids seven to ten years old.)

A Handprint Craft with a Photo

Learn about different types of flowers when creating this craft/gift. This project involves a kid's photo, paint, construction paper, and a few other simple materials. A parent will love putting this card aside to look at for years to come. (For kids six years old and up-with some assistance)

Homemade Elephant Pencil Holder

Learn facts about elephants as they assemble this simple pencil holder made out of a soup can. (This craft is appropriate for kids in first grade or older.)

A Watermelon Craft

Discover the instructions for a paper plate craft with a watermelon theme. With the help of some simple materials kids can work on their counting skills by adding seeds to the art project. (This craft is for kids six years old and up.)

South American Doll

Find the directions for making a South American worry doll out of a clothes pin, markers, yarn, glue, and scissors. This craft is appropriate for fourth to sixth graders and they can read up on the background of South American worry dolls as they work.

Dandelion Painting

Read the directions of art project #12 to find out about a dandelion painting project. A kid can paint a unique picture for a loved one using a dandelion instead of a paint brush. Kids learn about the parts of a dandelion while creating this artwork. (For kids ages six and older.)

Pressed Flower Craft

Learn about different types of flowers and how to press them with this fun, easy craft project. After pressing the flowers with the help of some common materials, kids can use them to decorate cards and give them to friends as gifts.

Coffee Filter Flower

Study the instructions for a craft that uses a coffee filter, markers, a pipe cleaner, and a squirt bottle to make a beautiful flower gift. This easy craft can help kids learn about the shapes of various flowers. (For kids ages four and up.)

Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Find directions for pipe cleaner crafts including a boy, girl, a dog, and other figures. With this craft, kids get practice with manipulating pipe cleaners to make certain shapes. (For ages six and above)

Baby Bird Nest Craft

Learn about a project that uses a plastic egg, construction paper, paper plate, brown paint, paint brush, glue, and scissors to assemble a bird nest. Kids can learn about different types of birds with this art project that can double as a gift. (For kids six and older.)

Pom-Pom Caterpillar Craft

Kids can make a fun caterpillar gift with the help of some pom-pom balls, glue, and googly eyes. While completing this craft, kids six years old and up can learn about the lives of caterpillars.

Egg Carton Planter Craft

Discover how to make a planter out of an empty egg carton. This is an easy craft that the recipient gets to watch as the seeds in it grow. (For third graders and older.)

Polar Snowflake Craft

Find a craft/art project that allows a kid to make a unique snowflake out of paper towel rolls, glue, and glitter! This craft is accompanied by some educational information about the arctic tundra. (For elementary school age kids)

A Bag Craft with a Penguin Theme

Elementary school kids can make a fun penguin bag using a few simple materials. Some of the materials include newspaper, construction paper, a lunch bag, a penguin pattern, and black feathers! Kids can study facts about penguins while following the step by step instructions to create this bag to give to a family member.

Bug Crafts

Look at the instructions for several easy bug crafts. One example is a ladybug craft made from Styrofoam balls, paint, glue, and pipe cleaners. Elementary kids can learn about bugs on this website as they make a craft to give to a friend.

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Kids can make a practical, creative bird feeder gift out of a milk carton and few other items. This craft is a great gift for a family member or friend who loves to watch birds. (For ages seven and older)

A Picture Frame Craft

View the instructions for making a picture frame to give someone as a gift. Kids age 5-11 will enjoy this craft and learn about different types of art materials.