Angela Proffitt Events

Our CEO, Pete Ekizian had a chance to talk to Angela Proffitt, owner of Angela Proffitt Events. We were interested to hear about how she made her business such a huge success and she was very helpful with giving us that information.

Pete: What sets Angela Proffitt Events apart from other event planners in Nashville?

Angela: I would say the main points that set us apart, is we are completely paperless and we teach our clients how to be tech savvy with using free apps and tools on their phones and computers to make sure all of their content, guest lists, budget, timeline, everything is backed up and they have access to everything. I would say the second most important key is I went to school to be a psychologist, my background is in psychology. I worked in a morgue and a mental hospital so I have a very unique take in working with high-stress situations with people. So that really set me up and gave me the knowledge that I needed to be a successful planner. That's why I focus on productivity consulting, as well as event consulting for other businesses alongside helping brides and clients plan amazing events.

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Pete: Why are you successful in a niche where many others have failed?

Angela: I wouldn't so much call it a failure. Each planner and designer is completely unique. Most of our clients are a very certain type of clientele. They're looking for a unique and customized experience. we base that all around psychology. We don't compare ourselves to other planners because everybody has their own process. I feel your process comes from your experience and where you've been and what you've been exposed to in your life. There's not a lot of planners who have a degree in psychology who has worked in the background fields I've worked in. While I teach these things to other planners, it's a lot more challenging to implement it when you don't have the hands-on experience.

Pete: What do you think can’t be replicated (quickly) about what you do for your clients?

Angela: Again, having a strategy and a process that is completely paperless and productive. While I teach that, it definitely is not a quick, overnight thing. It is something that takes time for businesses to build and perfect and work out the kinks. The other thing that really can't be replicated is the floor plans and decor and design that we create for each of our clients. We really get into their brains and heads and try to recreate a scenario for their party that if they have 300 guests, those 300 guests are coming into their home. Each time we walk into a venue, even though I've probably worked there 50 or 60 times throughout my 16 years of doing this, I walk in as if I've never been there before and I really customize the space based on psychology for that specific couple.

Pete: If you could go back, what would you change about how you did things?

Angela: If I could go back, I would say that I wish I would have had more guidance on branding my business. I really didn't have a clear business plan or a structure in place when I first went into business. This was simply something fun that I enjoy doing. It's really grown organically over the years. Social media did not exist. When I started to get on social media, what I would change is making sure everything is consistent and is on-point with the brand. I think I've changed my business name four times now, which really creates confusion for the consumer in the marketplace. I would definitely go back and have more of a strategy and plan to make sure I'm building my brand instead of causing confusion in the marketplace.

Pete: What do you think your unique skillset or superpower is that has helped you become successful?

Angela: I would say, my unique skillset is understanding people and being very patient and trying to understand all the different personalities and all the different ways that God has wired each individual person's brain. I really try to understand and help other people communicate and work together as a team. It does take a lot of patience and I have a lot of people tell me that it is a unique skill set because when you work in high pressure or stressful situations, it can be hard and challenging to remain calm sometimes. I often hear people say, "What drugs do you take to keep yourself calm?!" I don't take any drugs! I'm just wired that way. Working in a mental hospital and an AIDS clinic and a morgue, you're around a lot of sick, crazy people. With weddings and events, typically the situation can be fixed fairly quickly with good communication. So I really try to exceed the expectations of our clients and our vendors to make sure everybody has a good experience and we have a successful event.

Pete: What's the best way for people interested in your service to get in touch with you?

Angela: You can visit our website at and you can check out our services there where we talk about planning and design. We talk about coaching. We coach a lot of small business owners and consulting. I do a lot of consulting for new venues. I also do a lot of speaking and teaching at all types of conferences all around the world. I also help get new products out on the market as an influencer in the wedding space. So, when there's new software or products that I truly believe in and I would personally use myself, I want to let the wedding community and the event community know about it. So, I collaborate with a lot of amazing business owners. So, you can visit my website There's a contact form there and you're welcome to fill it out and ask any questions. If you're planning a wedding or event and you're looking for a unique, customized experience based on psychology and you want it to be paperless and productive, look us up!