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      Engraved Money Clips For Men - Free Personalization

      At Executive Gift Shoppe, we carry a unique and stylish selection of money clips for men that can be engraved free of charge, making for ideal personalized gifts. A man often prefers these to a wallet because they are compact and take up less space in a front or back pocket. They hold less than a wallet too but guys often just need to carry one credit card, a driver's license and some cash.

      Almost all of our money clips can be personalized free of charge. For our metal versions, we'll engrave a name, initials or a short message right into the steel, sterling silver or gold using our state of the art engraving machines. For our leather ones, we'll hot stamp up to 3 initials for you free of charge. This hot stamping, also called embossing, creates a branded impression into the leather that is permanent. All of our monogrammed money clips are personalized in our warehouse and will ship out the day after you place your order.

      There are several different styles of cash clips you can choose from. Hinged money clips use a hinge to open up and clamp down on your billfold. The advantage here is that you can fit a good amount of cash in its grip and the hinge function holds them securely. Spring loaded money clip are made of one solid, "U" shaped piece of metal. The top and bottom of the "U" shape are close together but not touching. Two springs inside push your fold of bills up against the top of the clip. These hold a large amount of cash and can even hold a credit card or two. Both cash and credit slide in and out of this clip. A french fold money clip is one solid piece of metal folded onto itself. It the tightest of all the grips for an extra secure hold on your bills. These styles are all made of metal, from stainless steel and gold plated to sterling silver and fourteen karat gold.

      We also carry money clips with credit card holders. These are made of leather and feature a cash clip in addition to several wallet-style credit card slots. The clip uses either a spring tension or a magnetic hold on your fold of bills. There are also novelty styles including a money clip with knife and scissors, golf themes smart money clips. All of our items can be monogrammed free of charge and all orders over $25 ship free of charge as well.

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