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      Money Clips

      Why Buy A Money Clip From Executive Gift Shoppe?

      • Our Money Clips Are Made Better. We Manufacture Our Own Money Clips So We Control The Quality
      • Satisfaction Guarantee. You'll Love Your Money Clip Or We'll Replace It For Free. No Questions Asked, Even If Its Engraved
      • Lifetime Guarantee. If Your Money Clip Ever Stops Working Correctly, We'll Send A Replacement. No Questions Asked
      • Free Engraving & Free Shipping (The Day After You Order) On All Money Clips

      Engraved Money Clips For Men

      At Executive Gift Shoppe, we carry a unique and stylish selection of money clips that can be engraved free of charge, making for ideal personalized gifts. Men often prefer money clips to a wallet because they are compact and take up less space in a front or back pocket. They hold less than a wallet too but guys often just need to carry one credit card, a driver's license and some cash.

      Almost all of our money clips for sale can be personalized free of charge. For our metal versions, we'll engrave a name, initials or a short message right into the steel, sterling silver or gold using our state of the art engraving machines. For our leather money clips, we'll hot stamp up to 3 initials for you free of charge. This hot stamping, also called debossing, creates a branded impression into the leather that is permanent. All of our monogrammed money clips are personalized in our warehouse and will ship out the day after you place your order.

      Different Styles Of Money Clips

      There are several different types of money clips available, spring loaded, hinged, french fold and magnetic. Each has their own advantages, we'll list some below.

      • Hinged Money Clips
        This style is made of two pieces of metal, with a hinge in the middle. The hinge allows the opening of the money clip to slide cash in. Once your wad of bills is inserted, the top part of the money clip is clamped down for a tight grip on your cash. A twist on this style is when a bifold wallet features a hinged money clip down the center of its crease. This is a unique way to combine a wallet or credit card holder with a cash clip.
      • Spring Loaded Money Clips
        This style is made of two pieces as well. The main piece is made of one solid piece of metal. This metal is folded into a narrow "U" shape. Inside this "U" are two spring coils. These coils are attached at the ends and are pushed up in an arched shape against one end of the inside of the money clip.
      • French Fold Money Clips
        This style is the simplest of all. These are made of one solid pieces of metal, folded in half. Cash is slid right into the fold. They have an extremely tight grip on your money.
      • Magnetic Money Clips
        This style is always made of a leather casing with two magnets inside. The magnets clamp down on each other holding your wad of bills in place. The magnets are not strong enough to affect your credit card's magnetic stripe in any way, a frequent worry of our customers.

      What Material Are Money Clips Made Of?

      • Sterling Silver
        Sterling silver money clips are perfect for high end gifts. If you're looking for a unique gift for a hard to shop for guy, this fits the bill perfectly
      • 14 karat gold
        A 14k gold money clip is a truly high end product, really made for the man who has everything. They are expensive but they are also conversation starters.
      • Stainless steel
        A stainless steel money clip is the most common style. Made of industrial grade stainless steel, they are rugged and sturdy and sure to last a lifetime.
      • Leather
        Leather money clips and money clip wallets are great if you're looking to carry a card or two in addition to your cash. Some magnetic money clips are made to carry just cash, but most have some slots for credit cards too

        Different Themes

        There are all kinds of unique, novelty money clips that have different themes. We carry NFL money clips with all your favorite teams and Irish & Christian theme clips as well. There are also a variety of golf theme money holders, with emblems ranging from crossing golf clubs to golf balls proudly displayed. These unique styles, on top of your engraving, will add a personal touch when giving gifts. If the gift is for yourself, you'll show everyone where your allegiance lies :-)