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      Liquor Flasks

      Why Buy A Flask From Executive Gift Shoppe?

      • Our Engraved Flask Are Made Better. We Manufacture Our Own Flasks So We Control The Quality
      • Satisfaction Guarantee. You'll Love Your Liquor Flask Or We'll Replace It For Free. No Questions Asked, Even If Its Engraved
      • Lifetime Guarantee. If Your Flask Ever Stops Working Correctly, We'll Send A Replacement. No Questions Asked
      • Free Engraving & Free Shipping (The Day After You Order) On All Flasks

      Engraved Flasks For Men & Women

      Executive Gift Shoppe carries an extensive and unique line of affordable flasks for men & women. They are constructed of high grade stainless steel or 100% pure, lead-free pewter and we personalize all of them free of charge, making for perfect gifts. We are the manufacturer and designer of most of our flasks so we control the quality and pricing. This allows us to offer our products at low prices without looking cheap. Shop our selection of inexpensive gift sets, leather & golf flasks and ladies flasks for sale. All are guaranteed to stay leak free and in perfect working condition for life, or we'll replace it free of charge. One of the most common questions we receive is "I'm just not sure what to have engraved on the gift I'm purchasing, do you have any suggestions?" Well, yes we do!

      Engraving Ideas For Flasks

      Of course there are the basics, so we'll cover them first. When a groom is looking to purchase the members of his wedding party engravable groomsmen gifts, he'll often choose to have their initials on one line and the date of the wedding personalized on the line below it. Some grooms choose just initials, thinking that the guys may be more likely to use the flask again if there is no reference to the wedding or the wedding date. Some engaged men go completely the other way. Not only do they include the wedding date, but they'll include the bride's and groom's names or engrave something like "The Murphy Wedding" on line three. All are perfectly acceptable engraving ideas, just a matter of personal preference. We might add that having a personal touch referencing the wedding day or the names of the bride or groom will almost certainly not keep your buddies from using the flasks for liquor again!

      These concepts apply to other "occasion" gifts as well. If you're giving a personalized flask as a retirement gift, you'll most definitely want to include the recipient's name, title, company name (optional) and the date of the retirement or retirement party. For birthdays, a name and birth date will work, possibly with a quote from funny inside joke. The more personal you can get on occasion gifts the better. You can get as crude as you'd like with flasks (as long as the recipient will find it funny) knowing that this particular item will most likely only be used during shared "guy time" or "girl time". Let the recipient know you care by including a reference to a shared experience or moment. This is also a great way to get a really unique, meaningful gift without spending a whole lot.

      Another engraving idea for your whiskey flask is to go with a quote of some sort. It could be a quote from a shared favorite song or a song that reminds you of good times spent together. It could be a movie quote from a favorite movie or it could be a general drinking themed quote. One of our most popular engravings for a stainless steel flask is this: "To Times We Can't Remember, With Friends We Won't forget." It's a cool saying and it's also short, sweet, and sums up some of the best times of your life spent together.

      A final idea is to have something drinking themed customized on your liquor flask. For example, you might engrave something like: "In Case Of Emergency, Unscrew Lid & Imbibe!" or "To Be Filled With Jameson Only." Adding something about the recipients favorite alcohol can also give this a personal touch. Another clever engraving idea we've seen is: "Don't Drink & Drive. Don't Even Drink & Putt!" - perfect for any golf lover who doesn't mind spending some time on the 19th hole!

      The important thing to remember is to keep it personal. Whether you're getting engraved flasks for your groomsmen or you're purchasing an anniversary gift for your spouse. You can add a personal touch, that shows how much you care, without spending a whole lot. People love to receive engravable gifts with personal messages on them, it makes them feel special, especially when they can enjoy a nip or two of their favorite liquor out of them!

      The Legality of Carrying Liquor Flasks

      Alright, so you've decided you've had enough of high liquor prices, particularly with the tightening economy, so you went out and purchased a liquor flask. Or maybe you received your flask as a keepsake gift for being in your buddies wedding party. Whatever the reason, now that you own one, you'll need to be aware of the legalities involved in carrying one.

      Firstly, you'll always want to remember to drink responsibly. No matter the reason or the occasion, stay in control. With that little public service announcement out of the way, let's get down to business. When is it alright (and, in fact, legal) to carry a flask. Think of a flask like you would a keg cup full of beer. Now let's explore the following scenarios:<

      • Driving an automobile, boat, plane or any other large machine. The answer here is short and sweet: ILLEGAL! It is completely illegal under any circumstances to carry or drink from a flask while operating large machinery. The important thing to remember here is to not carry or hold it on your person in any way. If you're bringing a full flask with you, keep it in the trunk.
      • Walking around in public. This one's a little trickier. It seems that you should be fine if you keep the lid of your flask closed, and keep it in your pocket. You don't want to take it out and drink from it in public though. Again, you might be fine, but why court trouble
      • Hunting. Again, a trick scenario. A swig or two seems to be fine while hunting, but under no circumstances do you want to be operating firearms while impaired. We've also heard from several people that like to keep a flask filled with strong liquor on them while hunting for reasons like starting a fire or disinfecting a wound. It sounds like its not a bad idea to keep a filled one on you for these reasons but be very careful about getting impaired.
      • At sporting events. You're absolutely fine legally. Again, consider a flask like you would an open beer. Do you see many open beers at sporting events? Of course you do. One caveat here is that the sporting facility may not be crazy about you having a flask (it will cost them money by you not buying from them) so be sure to be discreet and keep it in your pocket.
      • Bars. This is very similar to sporting events. You're fine legally but the bar owner will almost certainly have a problem with you carrying flask. Keep it discreet.

      The History Of Flasks

      As long as there has been alcohol, man has found ways to carry it with them. Before the invention of the hip flask, in the Middle Ages, folks would gut fruit in order to stash their alcohol. Later in the 18th century, women would smuggle gin onto British warships via a makeshift flask fashioned from a pig's bladder. As this method later proved to be impractical (and a bit disgusting) the traditional hip flask evolved.

      The once used Pilgrim Bottle was closer in design to our modern day flasks. These were made of earthenware, glass, porcelain or leather and were highly decorated. The pilgrim bottle was flat on one side and bowed out on the other so it would sit up against the body or saddle. Loop holes on either side of the bottle provided a way to suspend it from around the neck, shoulder or saddle. They had corks for tops and were usually used for carrying water, religious gear (like holy water and oil) or other precious metals.

      As technology advanced, so did the hip flask. In the 1920s when alcohol was banned, the design of the flask was changed and gained popularity. The now more familiar slim design was easily hidden from the prying eyes of the lawman, so they were used more and more.

      Materials such as pewter and silver made their way into the flasks and can still be purchased today; however they are more of a collectible now than used for its intended purpose.

      Cleaning your flask

      Never use soap and water. The soap molecules will adhere to the inside and taint the taste of you alcohol. When you first purchase a new flask, it's recommended that you rinse it with hot water. If you feel this isn't enough, then equal parts of water and vinegar may be used. Heat, then pour this mixture into the flask. Screw the lid on and shake vigorously. Rinse repeatedly until no smell of vinegar remains. Let stand to air dry.

      Also, do not leave alcohol in your flask for more than three days. It will begin to take on a metallic taste.