When it comes to dressing for success, it’s the little details that count…the right accessories that put your style together, the right tie for the shirt and suit, elegant jewelry like cufflinks or tie tack, a gleaming, sophisticated keyring. And for the rainy weather, a gentleman’s umbrella is essential!

The Executive Gift Shoppe has nine umbrella designs that are practical to keep the rain off, with a larger diameter to accommodate men’s shoulder width, four masculine tartan plaid-print waterproof fabric choices, and five in solid black, for daytime or evening occasions. Handles are the classical crook-neck design or the stylish and practical cane-top handle. There are four whimsical folding mini-umbrellas, with handles shaped like the heads of a rabbit, duck, dog or saddle pommel. They showcase your sense of style and witty sense of humor, yet still keep a touch of class for your professional business attire.

All of our umbrellas are made with the highest quality construction and materials, and the full-sized designs have fiberglass ribs that are lighter, stronger and more flexible than metal, and won’t break at the sign of the first wind gust! The cane styles have a comfortable grip to lean on, and a rubber tip for safety, giving you some assistance when you need it, along with a style-savvy look! All our umbrella products are affordably-priced and long-lasting too! We back all of our umbrellas with our lifetime satisfaction and performance guarantee, so the rain will never fall on your parade with us! And, to make your skies a little brighter, we’ll ship all orders totaling $25.00 or more absolutely free! Our motto, here at the Executive Gift Shoppe, is “If you have to go out on rainy days and Mondays, always do it with a smile on your face and a GREAT umbrella in your hand!”