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Paperweights can be a unique gift for someone that works at a desk for a living. We all have piles of bills, receipts and memos floating around our desk and a paperweight is a great way to keep these stacks of papers right where they should be. At Executive Gift Shoppe, we carry a unique selection of paperweights in a variety of themes, styles and materials.

Our marble paperweights come geared towards the recipient's occupation. We carry paperweights for lawyers that feature a brass scales of just emblem. Our doctor's and nurse's paperweights have a brass Caduceus emblem, the symbol of modern medicine, bonded to the top. We even carry a paperweight made just for wall street traders and financial professionals that have a bull and a bear emblem on top. Our inspirational paperweights are perfect for executives. They feature themes that can be meant to inspire or be humorous. These include teacher's and golfer's paperweights and are meant to be inspiration or have wise words to live by. We also carry unique paperweights like an hourglass or polished steel dice.

We personalize may of our paperweights with laser engraving. This customization goes either right on the surface of the paper weight or we laser engrave a plaque that we attach to it. Our crystal or glass paperweights are engraved right on the surface, creating a solid white print that is striking. Our paperweights for sale are perfect for corporate gifts, gifts for employees or coworkers and recognition awards for special achievements.