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Cigarette Cases

Why Buy A Cigarette Case From Executive Gift Shoppe?
  • Our Cigarette Cases Are Made Better. Other Cigarette Cases May Look The Same, But They Are Not Made The Same
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. You'll Love Your Cigarette Case Or We'll Replace It For Free. No Questions Asked, Even If Its Engraved
  • Lifetime Guarantee. If Your Cigarette Case Ever Stops Working Correctly, We'll Send A Replacement. No Questions Asked
  • Free Engraving & Free Shipping (The Day After You Order) Over $25.00

Cigarette Cases

At the Executive Gift Shoppe, there are plenty of affordable cigarette cases for men who appreciate accessories with a touch of style. Our selection of inexpensive cigarette cases is both elegant and practical. These discount cases for sale at Executive Gift Shoppe are for men and women who want to keep their supply of cigarettes secure in a fashionable way. Our selection includes a number of appealing designs. For instance, there are discount custom cigarette cases that feature intricate patterns such as the fleur-de-lis as well as starbursts. Floral designs are another option available. We also carry affordable cigarette cases for men featuring the classic ‘S’ design so you can be fashionable while carrying your cigarettes. Cases can be engraved on request as well.

 A man who is interested in perusing a sale of cigarette cases has the option of either a silver or gold tone. For men who want to buy a personalized cigarette case there are several styles available at Executive Gift Shoppe. Our best custom cigarette cases can be engraved with the initials of an owner. In addition, an affordable personalized cigarette case makes for an elegant gift for a man who likes to smoke. A cheap personalized cigar case is another gift idea for a man who carries cigars. The gift of an inexpensive custom cigarette case is perfect for the man who pays extra attention to his appearance and does not want his fashion sense to be hindered by an unattractive box of cigarettes. Cases can make all the difference.

One option for a gift giver is to buy a custom cigarette case that goes with the style of the man’s jewelry. For instance, if he wears a silver ring and has a watch with a silver band he would likely appreciate an inexpensive personalized cigarette case in a silver tone. Alternatively, a man who wears gold jewelry would likely prefer a custom cigarette case designed in gold. Gift givers may also want to consider special features when they are looking at an inexpensive cigarette case for men. For instance, one cigarette case for men may be double-sided while another features a simple flip-open top. When it comes to the various features of a discount custom cigarette case each man has his own preferences. The same rule applies to an affordable personalized cigar case. One man may prefer a personalized cigar case made of metal while another would appreciate one with a leather design to carry his cigars or cigarettes. Cases are available regardless of a man’s styles and preferences. The perfect cigarette case for men will be easy to find at Executive Gift Shoppe.