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Silver Two Tone Cigar or Sunglasses Holder
Silver Two Tone Cigar or Sunglasses Holder
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Protect those expensive sunglasses with this two tone silver sunglasses holder. The highly polished silver finish case is framed at eithr end with satin finish silver. The case holds a pair of sunglasses but can also be used to holder cigars. Add up to five lines of customized engraving to the polished silver area free of charge, making this personalized sunglasses case an ideal gift for someone special.
By Bella from South Shore, MA on December 30, 2014
What gauge cigar does this case hold?
By Customer Service on December 30, 2014

This case can hold up to two 54 ring cigars.

By Alessio Plebe from Italy on August 15, 2014
From the picture i cannot understand the opening of this case. Is it easy and quick?
Is there any picture showing the case open?
By Customer Service on August 18, 2014

We don't have a picture showing it open, sorry. It is quick and easy. It opens by pressing a small button on the side that releases it, The button is on the side opposite the hinge.

Silver Two Tone Cigar or Sunglasses Holder
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Look doesn't meet discription
March 10, 2015
item looks unfinished in both the inside and the engraving. Very thing and light - not good to hold cigars or glasses. Shape isn't conducive t cigars and the unfinished interior isn't conducive to glasses. Wouldn't buy again...almost embarrassed to give it as a gift, but I didn't have a back-up.
We're so sorry you're unhappy with this item. We'd be happy to accept this back for a full refund even thought it is engraved. Do you still have it or have you given it as a gift. If you've given it already, we'd be happy to issue a full store credit for the price of the item. Can you email us at with your order information?